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June 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s only been a couple of days but it feels like a lot has happened!

Tuesday we had a fellowship and devotional time with Jill, Amy and two other interns that are here. It was such an encouraging time. Later in the evening we went to the church’s weekly beach party where we met a great deal of the missions team and several folks from the church. Everyone brought snacks and chatted and played with the kids. It was so great to meet people and start building relationships.

On a side note, Jill is terrified of jellyfish and was on patrol while we swam, sure every flicker of motion was one. We swam to a buoy a little ways from shore – incident free. I looked over at Vanessa (less than 3 feet away from me) and there was a bright pink/purple jellyfish right between us. Not kidding. Good thing I’m calm in a crisis. I screamed bloody murder and swam like it was a shark. All the way to shore. Vanessa just laughed and reassured me it was NOT chasing us. Jill and I were undeterred.

Here are a few shots from the beach if you’d like to see…






Yesterday Vanessa and I got to help make a couple of music videos for kid’s camp with several of the other missionaries’ precious kiddos – what amazing little people. It really was such fun. We recorded the moves, and they’ll be set to both an English and French version of the songs.





Later on Jill and Amy took us to lunch and gave us an orientation. They helped us understand our role, made us feel so very welcome and a part of the team as well as what our upcoming schedule will look like. We’ll be helping with kid’s camp, outreach week, a retreat week, a half day of prayer and weekly bible study, meetings, church and mission team fellowships. We’re so excited!



Today we had some time to rest, adventure into Cagnes sur Mer to go to the post office, and visit church for worship in Nice.



I know many of you are praying for me – thank you so much. If you would, please pray for:
– My health, I’m battling a very sore throat
– Humility & reliance on God’s power, it’s apparent this is beyond me, but that is where I need to be – fully reliant on God, not myself to accomplish this work
– Jet lag! I’m having a very hard time adjusting to the time change.


Amanda xoxo

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