We made it!

June 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

We made it! 3 flights, 18 hours, 125+ lbs of luggage and 2 very tired girls. Whew!

God has been so gracious to us on our journey already. We had safe travels, no hassles at customs and no delays.

Amy, Jill and Ray (a.k.a. luggage slave) happily greeted us at the airport – how glad we were to see their sweet, smiling faces. Quite jet lagged, the girls let these weary travelers nap, made us tea and dinner and showed us around the house and around town. They even made us a welcome sign, isn’t that sweet?


We are so excited to be here and already love Amy, Jill and Rachael. Tomorrow we get to meet the rest of the interns and start preparing for ministry; we can’t wait!

Here are a few snaps I took today if you’d like to see:

A view of their house (where we’ll call home for the next 2 months).


Jill, me and Vanessa – just love these girls.


And a few more pretty views around town…





I love you all and miss you already, but I’m so excited to see what God will do these next two months.

With love,

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